After some recent rebranding, Adventure Patch engaged Steven to research its members and families and provide insight into how risk in play may or may not affect the adoption of child care services in the future.


Adventure Patch is a not-for-profit childcare provider with a strong focus on fun, exploring and imagination.

Adventure Patch “…educators create a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We offer multiple care options including long daycare, outside school hours care and vacation care in the greater Hobart region. We also offer a state-wide Family Day Care service through the Kingborough Family Day Care and Launceston Family Day Care Communities.”

Adventure Patch encourages outdoor and self-directed play, getting messy and having fun within caring and safe boundaries.

They are having rebranded Adventure Patch needed to learn more about their families, identify barriers preventing families from accessing the outside school hours care service, and address barriers to encourage families and communities to access the service.

Adventure patch also needed to understand parents’ attitude towards the idea of “Risky play”. Risk of play includes playing outside, old tyres and similar activities that constitute “risk in play”. The survey objective is to better communicate and engage with families of children who use them outside of school care services.

Survey Project Objectives
    • Identify the barriers stopping families from using Adventure Patch outside school care services.
    • Segment the Family demographics to understand parents and guardians using the services.
    • Ascertain if removing the barriers would facilitate an increase in Family visitation.
    • Understand the parent guardian attitudes and acceptance of risk in play.
    • An in-depth analysis of the existing risk of play market research completed in Australia and New Zealand.
Online Survey Methodology
    • Target Audience: Families with children at out of school care who attend both Kingston and Newtown primary school’s aftercare services.
    • Method: 25 to 30 questions survey developed in consultation with Adventure Patch. The survey was to be completed in 15 minutes or less.
    • Duration in the field: The survey was available for 28 days with multiple pushes to get the survey answered.
    • Reward: A random draw for 4 x $50 grocery vouchers were offered as an incentive for people to complete.
Literature and secondary research review

An Internet academic research search was completed to identify existing research-based literature and studies that look at outside of school care services, the barriers to use, and issues parents and guardians face.

Internet and academic resource search on the attitudes of risk in play at schools and outside of school care services. In particular, the opinions and views of parents and guardians about the use of risk in play when it involves their children.

Outcomes and learning

A report was completed from the online survey research, compromising a PowerPoint presentation that incorporated the primary online survey research insights and the secondary research review and analysis.

    • Who is using outside of school care services and the main reasons different services are used at different times.
    • Why out of school care services might not be used, and what are the substitute services and care options available.
    • We identify the main barriers for parents and guardians who want to use outside care services.
    • We identified parents’ attitudes towards the different kinds of risky play for their children.
    • We identified opportunities to communicate and address some of the benefits of incorporating risk in play.
    • Identified the misconceptions and conflicting views when combining risky play outside of school care activities.

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