Marketing Research

Market Research

We provide industry analysis using secondary data sources, such as third party reports, ABS, commercial data and your data, and primary market online research ranging from online focus groups, co-creation, and discovery community discussions to targeted online survey research. While the options are many, we design a research method based on your overall strategic goals. But before we begin to discuss market research options, we first need to get a brief from you to ensure the presented method meets your needs and budget.

How we work

Developing a strategic marketing plan will determine what gaps need new insights, from understanding potential customers’ motivation to discovering the customer journey to better target your marketing messages.


First briefing (via zoom)
  1. Initial project briefing in zoom meeting to get to know you and your objectives.
  2. Designing the insight plan and guiding you through the process.
  3. Choosing the correct data and collection methods.
  4. Screening of customer data and identifying the target audience.
  5. Insights capture and data clean-up.
  6. Data and or research analysis.
  7. Reporting and identifying actionable insights.
  8. Integrating insights into strategic planning to focus future resources and objectives.
Some of the research methods we have employed:
    • Online and mobile surveys
    • Online chat focus groups
    • Online video focus groups
    • Online community and discussion boards
    • Secondary market analysis
    • Customer data analysis
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Employee co-creation
    • Advertising testing
    • App development feedback
    • Product research
    • App co-creation
Some of the industries worked with:
    • Financial
    • Energy
    • Public services
    • Education
    • Business
    • Technology
    • Arts
    • Government
    • Tourism
    • Beverage
Market Research Services

Market research

Navigating the complexities of research can be daunting and fraught with mistakes when trying to do it yourself. Let us help you deliver a research package that fits into a marketing plan or one that compliments your existing strategy.

marketing research

Market research services range in scope and cost based on the needs of the client.